ADIF has tendered for four contracts and has been awarded another for the execution of  improvement and modernization works in different points of the conventional gauge network in Catalonia, with a total investment of over 4.8 million euros. The actions will consist of the treatment of trenches in the Barcelona-Puigcerdà and Barcelona-Mora La Nova-Zaragoza lines, renovation of more than 4,400 sleepers in the Prat-Bellvitge section, and remodelling an embankment on the Barcelona-Manresa –Lleida line.

The main objective is to optimize the parameters of the railway infrastructure and ensure high standards of safety and effectiveness of railway operations, thus increasing quality and comfort for train circulation.

On the one hand, ADIF has tendered, for a value greater than 1.4 million euros, for the treatment works of six trenches located in the Barcelona-Puigcerdà line which will make it possible to minimize the chance of vegetation and other materials from coming loose and falling onto the tracks or overhead power cables that may affect circulation.

On the other hand, it has been awarded, for an amount close to 300,000 euros, the remodelling of a trench located on the route between the stations of Pradell and Riudecanyes-Botarell on the Barcelona-Mora La Nova-Zaragoza line. The work includes the installation of mesh, the execution of a breakwater to protect the slope and complementary actions.

Another of the contracts tendered for by ADIF, for more than 880,000 euros, consists of the renewal of 4,469 sleepers in this section, which records a large number of circulations. The new sleepers will be installed in the section between the Llobregat river and Bellvitge station. These operations will be completed with the renovation of other track elements to optimize the geometrical parameters of the railway facilities.

Finally, ADIF has tendered, for an amount in excess of 1.4 million euros, for the remodelling of an embankment located between the towns of Tarrega and Granyanella in the province of Lleida. The operations will make it possible to consolidate the railway infrastructure along this route, further improving the track geometry, which will enable the elimination of currently deployed time restriction, ensuring higher levels of safety for railwaytraffic and reducing travel times.

Source:; 2014-09-01

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