Air traffic at Barcelona airport until September 2018 reached 38.7 million passengers, almost 2 million more than the same period of the previous year (+5.4%). The European market leads the absolute growth with almost 836,000 more passengers compared to 2017. However, the intercontinental market experiences the highest relative growth and continues to grow at a two-digit rate in 2018 (January-September), with more than 600 thousand extra passengers compared to the previous year (+ 16.7%). This represents almost a third of the increase in passengers. The seasonality during the year 2018 decreases slightly due to the growth moderation during the summer months, although structural seasonality is still observed.

 A quarter of the net increase in air traffic in the accumulated period of January-September 2018 is due to the Spanish market. On the one hand, of the main non-Spanish markets, the USA increase stands out (+38.1%, 350 thousand), thanks to the opening of new routes, as well as the growth of Portugal (+14.3%, 145 thousand). But, on the other hand, passengers from the United Kingdom and Germany, the main and fourth non-Spanish market of Barcelona airport, decreased -4.5% and -2.6%, respectively, which means a loss of share in both cases.

Barcelona airport is still dominated by low-cost airlines (Vueling, Ryanair and easyjet) which keep increasing share up to 59% of the total passengers. Vueling continues its path of remarkable growth and increases its market share, with 38% of the total traffic of the airport and with more than 1.5 million passengers until September 2018 (+11.8%). Among the 15 main airlines, four surpass Vueling’s relative growth, Eurowings (+44%), thanks to the consolidation Germanwings and Air Berlin’s routes, WIZZ Air, due to the outstanding capacity growth of its aircraft, TAP and Iberia/Level, due to the launch of its long-haul routes and frequency increase.


Source:  GPA usig AENA/ December 2018

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