Barcelona and Mexico, two cities that have long been disconnected, too much. Cities mastered by their business leadership and the tourism activity boosted by her beautiful landscapes, are now the best opportunity for the airlines.

In 2016, more than 80,000 passengers flied indirectly between Barcelona and Mexico DF, 32,000 to Cancun airport and 20,000 to other destinations. With and average composed growth CAGR of 3% and a direct growth of 32% over the previous year, the Barcelona – Mexico air route is the unserved link of the moment.

Those passengers nowadays have to connect throughout other airports, market that a direct flight could tap into.

There is a large amount of business passengers on this route. Near 14% of the total indirect traffic flies in Premium class, which means that more than 1 of every 7 passengers flies in Business of first class.

Nowadays, there are no direct flights between Barcelona and Mexico. This unexploited market is large, rich and with a marked desire to fly to Barcelona.