Over 2,500 experienced specialists from 90 countries will participate in the XII European Congress of Breast Cancer (# EBCC12), to be held from March 18 to 20 in Barcelona. During the congress, patients with this disease have planned to launch an advocacy manifesto.

This is the most important congress on breast cancer in Europe, the second largest in the world, after the US, and the only one that brings together all the main agents related to this disease.

As the organizers have advanced, the congress aims to connect scientists, doctors, and patient representatives in order to deal, on an equal footing, with the latest scientific advances and the practical, political, social, and ethical dilemmas associated with caring for breast cancer patients.

The congress will address all aspects of breast cancer and will highlight the latest developments in fields such as the impact of lifestyle on breast cancer, diagnosis and treatment, the use of artificial intelligence in patient care, immunotherapy, epidemiology and its results, as well as the genetics of breast cancer.

In addition, the congress will host the publication of a European manifesto prepared by patients, which bears the still provisional title of, "Why don’t all breast cancer patients in Europe receive the most appropriate treatment?", a text they have planned make public during the afternoon of the last day of the congress.

According to patients, currently, in some countries and even within the same country, doctors are not allowed to follow all the guidelines to provide the most effective treatment for their patients.

This is due to the fact that several procedures, such as surgery and radiotherapy, and some cancer drugs are not always covered by public health services.


Source:  La Vanguardia/ Feb 2020

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