• With 32% of the total value of the Catalan air sector, and 16% of the
volume, the pharmaceutical chemical sector leads this market. Catalonia
accounts for 47% of total air freight volume for this sector.
• Its main subsectors (TARIC code) of air freight are oils and perfumes,
and pharmaceutical products. Catalonia is the Spanish leader in
both segments, accumulating more than half of total Spanish volume.
These are mainly export subsectors. The growth of organic chemistry
has clearly contributed to the overall market growth as well, even if the
growth leader has been perfumery for 2015. It is important to highlight
the growth in the volume of imports and exports by 25% each in 2015.

• The main export markets for the Spanish pharma & chemical sector
are the US, UK, China and Mexico. Catalonia is the leader in all of
them. Markets tend to be long haul, even with some intraeuropean
exceptions. This is a sector of high-value products.

• The US is the source of most pharmaceutical and chemical products
imported by Spain. In imports highlights the growing value of goods
in 2015 more than its total volume. Catalonia is not particularly outstanding
as an import community for pharma and chemical products,
except for imports from the Chinese market.

Source: Barcelona Traffic intelligence unit/ August 2016

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