Barcelona continues to be the main Spanish gateway for entry and exit traffic to and from Asia, Africa and the Middle East above Madrid and the rest of Spain within the period January-September 2018. However, for the markets with the highest passenger traffic, South America and North America, Madrid is still the main origin or destination. The number of O&D intercontinental passengers has increased by 10.2% (and at an annual average rate of 9.4% since 2010), thanks to the increase of passengers on direct flights. Intercontinental passengers on direct flights represent 40% and have increased by almost half a million people compared to the same period of the previous year (+25.5%), due to the increase in routes and capacity on direct flights. In contrast, passengers on non-direct flights grow very moderately (+1.7%).

Barcelona gains market share in North America, South America and Africa, growing above the Spanish average. The growth of passengers entering or leaving North America stands out (+ 17.1%), due mainly to the new Norwegian and LEVEL routes, thus increasing capacity and frequencies. Latin America market continues to grow significantly with the LATAM Airlines and LEVEL bet. There is also an increase in market share to Africa, where Barcelona represents almost 35% of the Spanish origin and destination passengers.

It is worth mentioning the opportunity to create new routes to current destinations that are not directly served. There are currently 5 intercontinental destinations that have exceeded 90,000 indirect passengers (Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Seoul, Los Angeles and New York), during the first ten months of 2018. In this sense, Barcelona airport has increased its intercontinental offer during 2018 inaugurating 3 new routes to 3 destinations: Boston, Seoul and Abu Dhabi and increased frequencies in the summer season in 10 intercontinental direct routes and one throughout the year. The route map of Barcelona already includes 45 long-haul direct destinations. Most of them are progressively expanding to become daily flights, which increases their attractiveness for business travel and airfreight.


Source:  GPA usig AENA/ December 2018

Barcelona Air Route Development Committee

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