The sixth edition of the Spain-India Dialogue Forum will be held in New Delhi on the 21st and 22nd of March and will include the participation of civil society and government members from both countries. The Forum is an event for dialogue and cooperation under the initiative of Casa Asia (Barcelona) Casa de la India (Valladolid) and the Indian Council of World Affairs (New Delhi), in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India, the Spanish Embassy in India, the Embassy of India in Spain and the Spain-India Council Foundation.

The Spain-India Dialogue Forum was launched in 2005 to cover a gap in the relations between both countries and has as its main objective to promote bilateral contacts and to facilitate a greater cooperation and exchange.

The sixth edition of the Spain-India Dialogue Forum will develop through five round tables where specific proposals will be presented with the goal to create a joint action plan:

1. Perspective on the evolution of political and economic order in Europe and Asia.
2. Political and strategic development in North Africa, West Asia and the Indian Ocean.
3. Global trade, financial institutions, currency issuing and monetary policies.
4. Key factors in economic competitiveness and infrastructure projects.
5. Culture and knowledge.

This edition of the Forum has a strong accent in Economy and it will have relevant participants such as Pedro Solbes (FRIDE), Jose Maria Robles (Santander) Joiel Akilan (BBVA), Elisa Robles (Centre for Industrial and Technological Development), Gonzalo Escribano (Instituto Elcano), Javier Carvajal (Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira) and Juan Jose Pina (CATA Tours), among others. Within the diplomatic area Jose Eugenio Salarich, Secretary General of the Spain-India Council Foundation, Francisco Javier Elorza, Spanish Ambassador to India, Ernesto Zulueta, Director General for North America, Asia and Pacific (MAEC), and Juan Jose Herrera de la Muela, General Director of Casa Asia will attend.

At his opening speech the General Director of Casa Asia, Juan Jose Herrera de la Muela, highlighted that "the highest aspiration of Casa Asia and the Dialogue is the approach and exchange of views in the field of international relations, economics and business. Herrera said that it is about identifying these proposals and issues that involve "a clear and shared opportunity to advance relations and strengthen ties between the civil societies of Spain and India." Within the economic field, the General Director of Casa Asia said that Spain has a great presence of companies in India within the areas of infrastructure, automotive, software, machinery or financial services, but the work to be done was huge because our country has a lot to offer to Indian companies as a logistics platform to Europe, as a technology partner, as a training center (some of the best business schools in the world are in our country), as a tourist destination and one of the world centres of telecommunications (3GSM).

The lehendakari Patxi Lopez, who will travel to India during the same dates leading a business delegation, attended the opening session of the Dialogue Forum, which will also include the participation of Basque companies and institutions, including Tecnalia, the technology corporation that has become an international leader in its field.

The Dialogue Forum will evaluate the conclusions of its last edition, held in Madrid in 2010, and will present the India and South Asia Observatory of Casa Asia, an information and knowledge multidisciplinary platform about this area of the world.

Source:  Globalasia. com


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