Barcelona and Singapore, two cities linked by its exceptional location, its tourist beauty, its core business and its cosmopolitan essence, are more united than ever this 2016.

Each year, more than 50,000 passengers fly between Barcelona and the Asian city, part of the more of 1 million passengers currently flying between Barcelona and the Asian continent.

In focus, more than 28,000 make it indirectly through other world airports, next to the 1.2 million passengers that also fly indirectly between Barcelona and Asia-Pacific. With a compound average growth rate (CAGR) between 2010 and 2015 of 13% and almost 20,000 more passengers, the route between Barcelona and Singapore continues its growth.

In addition, the route has a percentage of business traffic or "premium" of 17%, which means that one of every 6 people traveling between the two cities flies in business class or first class.

Singapore Airlines (SIA) celebrated this year its tenth anniversary of activity from Barcelona, ​​and now totals five weekly flights from Singapore to Prat Boeing 777-300ER aircraft; Two of these flights operate the route Singapore-Milan-Barcelona and the rest are direct flights from Barcelona to Singapore, according to the airline in a statement.

The general manager of Singapore Airlines in Spain and Portugal, Deryk Liew says the airline is committed to the Spanish market, and has the support of the increasing arrival of tourists from Asia, Australia and New Zealand to Spain.

Source: Sabre MIDT/ BARDC

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