According to the Spanish Wine Market Observatory, Spanish wine exports were up 30.2% in volume compared to the same month the previous year, with 188.9 million liters valued at € 172.1 million (a year-on-year increase of 29.4%).

Exports of bulk wines without a protected denomination of origin (DOP) continue to rise (38.6% in volume to 112.4 million liters; and 75.4% in value to €44.4 million).

Wines exports from February 2011 to January 2012 were up 25.6% to 2.27 million liters; and were valued at nearly € 2.28 billion, 17.2% higher and averaging € 1 per liter.

Sales of both Spanish bulk and bottled wines without DOP to Italy increased notably (+79.3% in volume and + 108.8% in value). The year also began very well with respect to wine shipments to Japan, China and the United States.


Source: Spain Business 


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