Catalonia receive 9.8% more foreign tourist than in the same period last year.

The number of foreign tourist who visited Catalonia in the first three months of this year  tood at 2,547,749 people, which is 9.8% up on in 2013, according to the of Frontier Tourist Movement Survey (FRONTUR), prepared by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.


The Ministry emphasizes that growth compared to last year, when Easter fell in March, so this year’s figures do not yet include visitors from this holiday season.

Specifically, in March 1,004,685 people came to Catalonia a 4.9% increase over March last year which included Easter. In Spain, the number of visitors in the first quarter was 10.1 million, 7.2% more. Catalonia remains in second place as the autonomic region with the greatest number of foreign tourist, behind the Canary Islands, which with 3,121,215  people absorbed 31 % of all visitors from around the world who traveled to the Spanish state during the first quarter of the year.

25.3%, one in four, foreign tourist coming to Spain passed through Catalonia during the first three months of the year.


The main source countries of tourists who came to Catalonia where the Germans and countries in the Asian region. This value shows the emerging importance of long-haul tourism in Catalonia and the emergence of Asian markets as generators of tourism.

Most of this tourism comes to Catalonia by plane.

Source:; 2014-04-24

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