Last Friday the logistics operator Airfarm inaugurated its new facilities in the Logistics Park and the Free Zone of Barcelona. Specifically, it is a 10,400 square metre logistics macro-platform, divided into five modules, and an office floor, with an area of nearly 2,000 square metres, located in the Paseo of the Free Zone and which hosts the headquarters of the group in Barcelona.

The operation, as Santi Marti, Airfarm CEO, said during the presentation of the new spaces to its customers, "has received an investment of 2.8 million euros, which we hope will help us, on the one hand, to face our plans for growth, and secondly, to improve the care and service we provide to our customers, optimizing on the other hand our operating costs".

In this sense, Emili Ventura, Airfarm commercial director, told this newspaper that "in the Logistics Park facilities of the Free Trade Zone, it has been decided to group all the activity that we performed previously in four different stores. We believe we are able to strengthen our expertise in the field of chemical and pharmaceutical logistics without forgetting, of course, the other sectors we serve. Moreover, in our mind we are considering strengthening our logistics, warehousing and outsourcing divisions and believe that this may be a good move for it”.

The expansion of the company, which this year reaches its 25th anniversary, will focus not only on the service sector. The managers are studying continuing the internationalization process started some years ago. Airfarm, which has three offices in Spain, located in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia, also has offices in Uruguay, Brazil, Switzerland, Hungary, Dubai and "our intention is to try to expand our own presence somewhere in the Far East," said Marti and Ventura.



Source: Diario del puerto

Posted by; 2013-11-18

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