Barcelona has managed to establish operational and strategic synergies between its port and airport, enabling both infrastructures parallel, harmonious growth.

The head of the Cruise department of Barcelona Port, ​​Carla Salvadó, explained how the Barcelona port and airport operations interact, ​​during her talk Cruising & Aviation, on the last day of the Cruise Shipping Miami fair, where Spain arrived with a new record of cruise passengers and leading ports in Europe and the world.

"Barcelona is a model where port and airport grow together," said Salvadó. "The Catalan capital was committed from the beginning to a turnaround port model, in which air connections are vital. This option generates a greater economic contribution to the surrounding areas, while contributing to the expansion of the airport as an international passenger hub. "

Salvadó refers to the 1992 Olympic Games as the starting point of the cruise business in Barcelona. "Because of the Games, a total of 15 cruise ships docked at the Port of Barcelona acted as floating hotels to accommodate the large volume of visitors to the city. This was the first real contact between the cruise industry and the city of Barcelona, which revealed the great potential of the Catalan capital in this sector. "

At the same time, El Prat airport was adapted to receive a greater flow of passengers. "Since then, the growth of both infrastructures has occurred in parallel. The Port increased from 130,000 cruise passengers in 1992 to 2,650,000 in 2011. Meanwhile, the airport went from 10 million passengers in 1992 to 34 million last year, "recalled the head of Cruise Port. 


Parallel, harmonious growth

The expansion of the airport began in 1999, and in 2000 Barcelona Cruise Port was created, a company that operates five of the seven cruise terminals at the Port. Later, in 2005 the Barcelona Air Route Development Committee was set up, composed of the Catalan Regional Government, Barcelona City Council, the Chamber of Commerce and Aena.

In this regard, Carla Salvadó explained that port-airport collaboration is carried out at two levels: strategic and operational. In the strategic area, they work in coordination with cruise lines to take into account the source market and its flight requirements. Regarding operations, baggage check-in has been developed at the port, helping to decongest the airport. Moreover, a specific area for cruise passengers has been established at the airport to provide a more personalized service to this sector.


Source: Hosteltur 


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