Barcelona-El Prat Airport catered for a total of 113,750 people with reduced mobility during 2011 (PMR), 8.8% up on 2010. Of these requests, 62,762 were with notice and 50,988 without. The PMR service, which came into being in July 2008, can be requested without any cost to the passenger.

Passengers who wish to use this service can request it 48 hours prior to their travel date, through the Aena Aeropuertos website ( or their telephone information line (902 404 704). Likewise, they may ask their airline when purchasing the ticket. In this way, prudent users will have their service booked, thus avoiding long waits.

Arriving passengers will have to identify themselves once out of the plane, whereas on departing flights they must communicate their arrival at the airport at the information points or totems or the check-in desks.
Shuttle buses between terminals

The free shuttle bus service which connects terminals T1 and T2 was used in 2011 by over 2.5 million passengers, 6% up on the previous year, which had 2,369,354. The shuttle connecting the Renfe Cercanías train station with T1 recorded somewhat more than 1 million users.
On the other hand, 2.1 million workers at Barcelona-El Prat Airport used the bus that joins terminal T1 with the employees’ car park.
Other services

As regards complementary services, the airport locker service – located in the T1 intermodal hall and open 24 hours a day – had over 45,200 users in 2011, 5% up on the previous year. Likewise, the lost and found service, also located in the intermodal area of T1, handled over 12,000 objects.
Visits to the airport

A total of 6,176 pupils from 282 teaching centres passed through the Barcelona-El Prat Airport facilities in 2011 on the guided visits organized by Aena through their Aerovisit programme.

46.5% of visits were conducted with schools in the province of Barcelona, most of which were primary, secondary and Baccalaureate schools. These visits include a bus tour of the aircraft apron, where students can see terminal T2, the fire department and the cargo area, among others. The visit finishes with a tour inside T1 which includes the boarding area, the Sky Centre, luggage reclaim and the arrival terminal.

Of these 282 visits the airport received, 62 were special. In these cases, the school centre requests a specific place not included in the usual educational route, such as the Automated Baggage Handling System (SATE) or the Airport Management Centre (CGA).

Barcelona-El Prat Airport will continue to develop its visit plan for students during 2012. All centres interested can contact the airport by telephone 93 596 202 or e-mail


Source: Aena Aeropuertos


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