• The Intermodal lobby of Terminal T1 has again been prepared as an exclusive  space for this type of users.

  • Airlines have 14 exclusive counters in this area.

  • The security checkpoints in the regional flights and air shuttle area are used to streamline access for passengers.

  • Yesterday, the checking-in operation for cruise passengers was launched at Barcelona-El Prat Airport. The initiative, which will run until October 30th, enables these users to check-in their luggage in the Intermodal lobby of Terminal T1, prepared solely for this purpose.

    Air France-KLM, British Airways and Iberia have 14 exclusive counters in this area to check-in the luggage of passengers arriving in the city on a cruise and then traveling by plane to other destinations. The airport has also enabled security checkpoints in the regional flights and air shuttle area to speed up access to the boarding area.

    Moreover, passengers who arrive at the Port of Barcelona having requested this service will have special buses that will take them directly to the Airport’s Intermodal lobby with their luggage. BC Tours and Intercruises are the companies that are responsible for managing these operations in the case of Norwegian Cruise, Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruises and Celebrity Cruises.

    Assistance for people with reduced mobility

    The operation aimed at cruise passengers also includes assistance for People with Reduced Mobility (PRM). In the Intermodal lobby there is a desk with staff to permanently meet the demands of users.

    The PRM assistance service consists of accompanying passengers during the process of check-in and security checks to their seat on the plane. On arrival at the destination, they will be helped to disembark and collect their baggage to the extent agreed.

    Statistical data in 2014

    Last year, nearly 15,550 cruise passengers used the special check-in operation at Barcelona-El Prat Airport, with the months of June and August as the busiest, with 3,364 and 3,813 users, respectively.

    Regarding the number of bags, 13,755 cases were processed, and June and August were once again the busiest months, the former with 3,029 bags and the latter with 3,393, all of which were checked-in at the counters prepared in the Intermodal lobby of T1.

    In operation since 2008

    The collaboration between port and airport began in 2008 when Delta offered a dock-side check-in service for cruise passengers arriving in Barcelona and then flying to the United States.

    Already in 2010, with terminal T1 in operation, the check-in procedure for cruise passengers was extended by preparing the railway hall of the airport for users who were arriving by ship and then leaving by air.

    Source: aena.es/ 2015-05-11

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