Barcelona recorded the greatest increase in overnight stays among European cities in 2011, 15%.

This is reflected in the report drawn up by European Cities Marketing (ECM), based on an analysis of 57 cities representing the different countries in the European Union. All in all overnight stays rose 6.2% in the case of domestic stays and 7% for international stays.

The top cities are London, Paris and Rome but in terms of growth, the first place is for Barcelona, followed by Madrid, whose overnight stays grew 11%. The following places that also reflect a clear boost are Prague, Berlin and Vienna, with 9.4%, 8.7% and 8.2%, respectively.

Russia and China, the source markets with most growth.

The nationality with the highest number of hotel customers sleeping in Europe was The United States, which amounted to 17.3 million overnight stays. Germany, Italy and The United Kingdom were the next sources in terms of importance.

Nevertheless, the greatest growth came from Russia and China, with 33.3% and 21.7%, respectively. Between the two markets, they totalled 7.7 million overnight stays.


Source: Hosteltur


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