This is one of the conclusions drawn from the report "fDi Cities and Regions of the Future 2012/2013".

Barcelona occupies overall first place among the cities of Southern Europe. This is one of the conclusions drawn from the study fDi Cities and Regions of the Future 2012/2013.

This report, published by the magazine fDi of the Financial Times, annually compares 253 cities and 110 European regions and produces a ranking based on a set of indicators regarding the following competitivity factors: economic potential, cost/effectiveness, human resources, quality of life, infrastructures, business friendliness and foreign development investment promotion strategy.

Sònia Recasens, Deputy Mayor of Barcelona and responsible for the area of Economy, Business and Employment at Barcelona City Council, stated that "this news shows that we are on the right track and encourages us to carry on working to join efforts and make Barcelona an engine of economic renovation".

In this respect she also referred to the work being carried out by the initiative 'Barcelona Creixement', ('Barcelona Growth'), promoted by the city council, the objectives of which include projecting the city internationally and establishing it as a destination and origin of business activity.


Moving up in the ranking of foreign investment promotion
As regards the fDi report, it should be pointed out that the Catalan capital and the rest of Catalonia are progressing in international consideration in terms of foreign development investment promotion strategy. In this respect, Barcelona occupies fourth place in the global ranking, while Catalonia moves up from 10th to 2nd position.

With respect to Southern Europe, Barcelona and Catalonia have moved up the ladder to first place in terms of foreign investment promotion in this geographical area.


Among the top 25 cities

In the overall ranking, Barcelona stands at position 22 and the region of Catalonia at 19 among the top 25 cities and European regions –respectively– in terms of its future potential.

The report highlights the Catalan capital as the only Mediterranean city and the only city within the Spanish State that appears among the top 25 European cities. In other areas, such as in human resources, Barcelona occupies a noteworthy 8th position among the big European cities and 10th position concerning business and infrastructure.


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Source: Barcelona City Council - Barcelona Good News


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