Like New York or Venice, the city of Barcelona will celebrate its own New Year's Eve party, to be held for the first time on 31 December between the fountain of Montjuïc and Avinguda Reina Maria Cristina. To do this, the historical symbol of the new millennium in Barcelona has been recovered: the “Ésser del Mil•leni” of “Fura dels Baus”. For New Year, this 15 metre mechanical “ésser” [being] will be filled with 100 actors, women and men, providing it with muscle, blood and skin.

"It will be a great family celebration," said today the Mayor of Barcelona, Xavier Trias, during the presentation of the New Year’s Eve events in a press conference. "It is a show that is open to everyone and will be controlled at all times, during the approximately 45 minutes it will last; the idea is to repeat this iconic event in the coming years," said Trias. At the party the sale of alcoholic beverages and the entry of glass bottles will be banned.

The event is organized by Barcelona Tourism, because "it is an excellent opportunity for such a quality event like the one to be held in Barcelona to be seen on television around the world and thus improve the prestige of the city," said Joan Gaspart, executive board chairman of Barcelona Tourism. The event will be broadcast by TV3 and the image of Barcelona is expected to be included in the televised review on January 1 of the other major New Year’s Eve international parties. "I am grateful for this opportunity and would like to stress the importance of public-private collaboration. The celebration, which is estimated to cost about 400,000 euros, will be completely free of charge for attendees, as well as the small bags of grapes provided by Mercabarna" stressed Gaspart.

"For some years we have been thinking about this possibility for attracting tourism and we are very pleased that this decision has been taken," said Jordi Clos, president of the Barcelona Hotels Association. At the moment, said Clos, "hotel occupancy is slightly higher than last year, but we'll see in the coming years if it improves with the New Year celebration in Barcelona."

Besides the hotel employers association, the celebration will involve Telefónica, Damm, the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and Fira Barcelona as sponsors.

“Fura dels Baus” and “Focus” will be responsible for organizing the “Ésser Mil•leni” show together with the light show, the fountains of Montjuïc, the sound and pyrotechnics. Carles Padrissa, artistic director of “La Fura dels Baus”, explained that the "event combines participation, creativity and technology. It will include performances of Mediterranean culture, the projection of suggestive images and of other cities, as well as a firework display during the strokes at midnight. The “Ésser del Mil•leni” was used in Barcelona in 2000 as a symbol of entry into the new millennium and since then has rested in the “Parc del Mil•leni” in Gavà.


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