We still have very important unserved destinations!!

  • The growth of the airport is a historic success, it has made us a reference as a European airport and is now beginning to do so in intercontinental terms. Meanwhile, at the level of global cities, the metropolitan area and its territory are a global focus for its economy, innovation, culture, dynamism, lifestyle, and business activity. These two facts feed each other.


  • The airport is a tool at the service of the people who live in or visit the city and is the true gateway to the world. To maintain the dynamism of our region/city, it is essential to maintain the connection with the most important intercontinental centers in the world.


  • The airport infrastructure is the gateway to a new phase of physical and multimodal transformation. In this new phase, it is imperative that growth is carried out in a sustainable way, with quality routes focused on the destinations and operators that provide more added value to the territory. Intercontinental flights are a cornerstone of maximum added value and priority.


  • We must ensure quality growth in connections, both seasonally and in the number of frequencies per week; and, if the market allows us, with new operators on the same routes.



Source: BARDC/ April  2018

Barcelona Air Route Development Committee

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