The Bayer shared service centre in Barcelona, which until now operated for eleven European countries, will provide accounting services, cost control and information technology for 22 states, including Greece, Turkey and much of Latin America.

Erik Schonebeck, the CEO of the Bayer Centre, which is located in Sant Joan Despi, said that these new features do not involve new hires, but "ensure the continuity" of its current workforce of 300 employees."

"In a way this centre needed new competencies to maintain employment," admitted Schonebeck, who stressed that, although until now the centre in Barcelona basically provided accounting functions to south and west Europe, now, in addition to providing greater added value in this area, it will strengthen its services in information technologies and cost control and billing.

With these new features, the Barcelona centre will provide accounting services to markets that represent 25% of the total turnover of the group, compared to 20% today.

Currently, in addition to Barcelona, there are four other similar centres to the Catalan one worldwide: one in Germany and another three in Gdansk (Poland), Manila (Philippines) and Shanghai (China).

Bayer’s shared service centre in Spain, which to date provided assistance to countries such as France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Belgium, among others, has already expanded its services to Greece and Turkey, and throughout 2014 will assume the area of Latin America.

Specifically, it will serve Central American countries and the Caribbean and Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela and Argentina, among others.

The management of the German company highlighted the advantages of providing services to Latin America from Spain, due to its cultural and linguistic proximity, and stated that the Barcelona centre employees will be trained to cover these new features.

So far, none of the other shared centres of the German multinational provided accounting services to Latin America, so the new features will make it a "front office" for accounting, cost control and billing services, and technical support for information technologies, it was pointed out.


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