According to the Spanish Wine Market Observatory (OEmV), Spanish wine exports reached record amounts in 2011, up 26.3% to 2.23 billion liters. This was due to the growth in bulk wine (+43.2%) and to a lesser extent, wines with a protected D.O. (+18.3%).  Revenue from exports amounted to € 2.24 billion, 16.7% more than the previous year.

By category, bulk wines without a protected denomination of origin were up 43.2% in volume to 1.16 billion liters, and 52.9% in value, to € 386.7 million. Bottled wines with a D.O. registered an 18.3% increase in volume to 313 million liters, and 15.8% in value (to € 925.6 million). Sales of sparkling wine and Cava were up 16.2% in volume to 157.5 million liters, and 8.9% in value, reaching € 392.3 million; and bottled wines without a D.O. got a foothold on their recovery with a 12% lead in volume and 9.6% lead in value.

The 10 main foreign export markets in terms of value showed positive growth. Wines with a D.O., including still wines, Cava and fortified wines like those from Jerez and Montilla-Moriles etc., saw particularly good growth in North America (U.S. Canada and Mexico) and several European countries including Germany and Great Britain.

The main markets for exports of bulk wine were France (+ 35%), followed by Germany (+33%). However, the growth seen in exports to Italy (+183%) is due, according to the Observatory, to that country´s short harvest. Also of note were exports of Spanish bulk wine to Russia (+54.5%) and China (+37.5%).


Source: US Spain Business


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