The second largest bank in the world has included Barcelona in its expansion plans, setting up its Spanish headquarters here.

The China Construction Bank (CCB) will inaugurate its first headquarters in Barcelona on July 1st, adding to offices in cities such as Paris, Milan and Amsterdam in the entity's expansion strategy

For its arrival in Barcelona, the CCB has received the support of the Ajuntament de Barcelona - through Barcelona Activa -and the Generalitat de Catalunya, through the competitiveness agency of the company ACCIÓ, for the numerous settling phases in the city.

Specifically, BarcelonaActiva has guided the CCB through the process of selecting local staff (half of the workforce) and, along with ACCIÓ, in becoming involved with the local economic and business environment.

The China Construction Bank is world's second largest bank in market capitalisation, with assets worth 207.9 billion dollars, and the second in stock market capitalisation, valued at nearly 200 billion euros. The Barcelona headquarters will begin with an original registered capital of 20 million euros.

Source: 2015-06-22

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