The Emirates airline will make available on the market a transport capacity of 25 tonnes of freight between Barcelona and Dubai as of next July, when the daily flight between the two cities, recently announced by the company, is launched. Gen-Air, the general sales agent for cargo (GSA) on behalf of the Emirates in Spain, will be in charge of marketing these spaces.

According to comments to this Newspaper by Luis Alberto Martínez, director general of Gen-Air in Barcelona, the airline will place a B-777 on the route between the Catalan capital and its hub in Dubai, “which will provide us with a load capacity of 25 tonnes with 100 cubic metres per flight”.

The GSA on behalf of the Emirates in Spain is convinced of the success of this freight transport route, as the Middle East is one of the markets in which foreign sales are growing in Spain. “We expect a very high occupation of the planes”, asserted Luis Alberto Martínez, who added, “in this economic climate, Emirates is adding a medium/long haul destination in Barcelona and, what is more, it is adding the possibility of connecting in the Dubai hub with the whole of Asia, India and Oceania on the same day and with the rest of the world through its flight network”.

Emirates are expected to begin to operate this route between Barcelona and Dubai on 3 July. The planes covering the service will accept “all sorts of cargo capable of being transported by air”, explained the director of Gen-Air in Barcelona.

Martínez specified that, from Catalonia, “there is a large amount of exports of pharmaceutical products, which require temperature-controlled transport, chemical products and live animals at certain times of the year”.

Conversely, from Dubai, “main imports are raw materials, textiles, general machinery and even fish”, pointed out the person in charge of the GSA on behalf of the Emirates.

The launch of this service is one more proof of this airline’s commitment to Spain.


Source: Diario del Puerto


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