The pharmaceutical of the family Ferrer-Salat takes over Janus Developments. Together they will create Spherium Biomed, a new company that will manage the basic research projects of Ferrer with a budget of 15 million for the next four years.

Ferrer is refocusing its R & D. It will stop carrying out traditional basic research to focus on finding and developing projects in Spherium Biomed. This new company, which will be led by Luis Ruiz-Avila, founder of Janus Developments, will be set up at the Ferrer research centre in Esplugues de Llobregat and will have an initial workforce of 15 people.

Spherium's mission will be to identify new business opportunities in the scientific and academic sector to transform them into viable projects, which will then be developed by Ferrer researchers or will be outsourced to a third party.

This project will have a budget of 3.5 million euros per year for at least four years. The other Ferrer researchers will be divided between the departments of cell therapy, galenic research and clinical researchs. "Within this process, there has been a workforce adjustment of approximately twenty people," said Antoni VillarĂ³, CEO of Ferrer.

The pharmaceutical employs around a hundred researchers and recorded a turnover of 830 million euros last year. In addition to redeploying its research division, the company wants to grow by becoming the European partner of U.S. laboratories and also committing to the Latin American market.


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Posted by; 2013-11-27

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