Freixenet has developed a new strategy for growth in China after 14 years in the Asian giant's market selling cava, as published by “El Economista”. The honorary president of the company, Jose Ferrer, noted that "it is very difficult to grow by exporting cava. The Chinese market last year consumed only 246,000 bottles of champagne, little more than Andorra".

Given these data, the Catalan firm has opted for growth by selling red wine, the most popular product among the Chinese population. For this new strategy, Freixenet has chosen the brand Mia, a name registered by the group in October 2011. This is a global brand whereby Freixenet wants to be known around the world. It is a wine made from the tempranillo grape variety, bottled in the facilities of its subsidiary “Unió Celler del Noya”.

One of the objectives of Freixenet is the distribution of wine in large Chinese cities without forgetting the provinces, where the arrival of other wines is much scarcer. The Catalan company, which has an office in Shanghai, is looking for distributors in each of the provinces of the Asian giant.

The birth of Mia is the latest international initiative of the Freixenet group, led by Gloria Cullel. Mia is already sold in the UK and for the time being, the brand is bottled under only two references, a red tempranillo and another with the Macabeo, Parellada, Moscato and Xarello varieties.




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