China company Hainan Airlines ranked within the top five safest airlines in the world in 2011 because of no recorded casualties or loss of aircraft in its 19 years of service, said the German aviation accidents agency JACDEC (Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre) in a recent annual report.

The Hamburg-based agency, which has viewed world airline accidents since 1973 and enjoys global reputation, published its "Classification of Aviation Safety" in the German monthly magazine "Aero International".

It is based on a network and global database, called JACDEC, with the 60 largest airlines of each continent in terms of casualties and loss of aircraft. The agency said 2011 was the safest year in aviation since the end of World War II, even with increased air traffic.

Hainan Airlines of China ranked fifth in the classification of the safest airlines with a rate up 0.006, after All Nippon Airways, Finnair, Cathay Pacific Airways and Etihad Airways.

Founded in 1933, Hainan Airlines ran its first international route in 2001 and soon expanded its services to large cities in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America with about 400 routes.

In December last year, Hainan Airlines was named for the second time as the "Best Airline in China" at the awards GT Tested Reader Survey, organized by the U.S. magazine Global Traveler.

Hainan Airlines and Barcelona Air Route Development Committee are maintaining good cooperation for a possible direct route in the midterm.


Source: Global Asia


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