The plan of the Japanese airline Japan Airlines (JAL) will start in April, when they are due to purchase around 30 new Boeing 787 “Dreamliner” models and around 12 Boeing 737, as well as new parts and other systems, with an investment of nearly 5,000 million euros, as quoted by Expansión.

With these new investments, JAL is expected to end the 2016 tax year with 220 aircraft, whereby they expect to tackle the competition of low cost companies and to increase their profitability, as published in the newspaper Nikkei.

The new investment in the Boeing 787 model is to be established as the company’s main strategy, as it is an aircraft whose engines reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emission by 20%. This model will be used to cover new routes between Japan and cities such as San Diego (USA) or Helsinki (Finland).

With these investments, JAL expects to save some 50,000 million yen, around 490 million euros. The airline has decided to increase its international routes by 25% by 2017 owing to the expected contraction of the domestic market. JAL is still in a process of restructuring following January 2010 when it filed for the largest ever non-financial bankruptcy in the history of Japan. 


Source: GlobalAsia



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