The garments of impeccable design and attention to detail by the Spanish children's fashion firm arrive in Riyadh.

After the openings in the Chinese cities of Shanghai and Shenzhen, followed by Moscow, Lima, the Mexican City of Villahermosa and Amsterdam, Pili Carrera has arrived in Saudi Arabia. The company, which came to Kuwait in 2013 with the opening of its store in the luxurious Avenues Mall, is now expanding its presence in the region with a new boutique in Riyadh. With a floor area of 100m2, it is located in the Panorama Mall and reproduces the decoration based on neutral tones and sober and simple lines that identifies the firm’s premises.

From Pili Carrera sources explain that, in 2014, the company’s expansion plans are focused on strengthening its presence in the United States and Asia.

The firm, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013, produces collections for new-borns, babies, girls, boys, child care and furniture in modern facilities of 20,000m2 located in the town of Mos in Pontevedra, Galicia. Today, Pili Carrera, the leading firm to wear on special occasions for the little princesses of the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Spain, has established a sales network of over fifty shops in the main shopping streets of countries like Spain, China, the United States, Kuwait, Morocco, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Russia and Switzerland.

Source:; 2014-09-02

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