In 2011, Spanish luxury brands including fashion, accessories, beauty, aviation, yachts, jewelry, watches, beverages, food, cosmetics, hotels and innovation experienced major growth in income, especially outside of Spain. In fact, 80% of the € 4.5 billion in turnover came from exports and tourism.

The European Union is, according to Luxury Spain, the main destination for Spanish luxury exports; although markets like Russia, China, India and Mexico take in a large volume of the sales.

About 40% of luxury items from Spain are used by foreigners. Upscale tourism in large cities like Madrid, Barcelona and Marbella has added to the growth in sales and has compensated the decline in national consumption. Russians are among the biggest spenders, averaging € 2,400 a day in purchases. Chinese and North American tourists also play an important role in purchasing Spanish luxury items.

Spanish gastronomy and beauty products are among the items that are highest in demand, followed by hotels, fashion and accessories.


Source: ICEX


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