Schneider Electric will install its first centre of excellence, SmartCity, at 22@ Barcelona; beginning to operate with 60 employees, they intend to make the Catalan capital a global benchmark of a smart city.

The mayor of Barcelona, Xavier Trias; the president of Schneider Electric Spain, Julio Rodríguez, and the president of transport of Telvent – subsidiary of Schneider -, José Ignacio del Barrio, today signed the agreement to create the centre.

Rodríguez explained that in the next six months a work group will be set up with the Council to establish the project road map, defining both public-private collaboration and with universities.

The project has five aims, beginning with improving mobility – with a leading role for electric cars – whereby they aim to reduce journey time by 20% after successfully applying solutions in cities such as Mumbai, Dallas, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Pablo, among others.

A second phase will tackle energy efficiency; create more comfortable, safe buildings, obtain the maximum efficiency in water management and improve the connection between citizens and local authorities.

All of this aimed at creating an intelligent model that can be exported to other cities in the world, creating "the Champions League of intelligent cities in which Barcelona is the soul", highlighted Del Barrio.

All in all, Trias declared that the city is facing two important challenges, being the mobile capital over the coming years and becoming the capital of smart cities, which, in his opinion, is complemented by being the mobile capital.

Schneider devotes 1,000 million - 5% of its turnover – to research and development, and its commitment to Barcelona is not new, as the Catalan capital already holds one of the company’s four main offices in the world, which manages operations in Europe, Africa, South America and the Middle East.

Source: Expansión


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