The largest building project in Colombia, a 260 metre high tower, will bear the Catalan seal.

The architectural macrocomplex, which is called BD Bacatá, is owned by the Catalan construction company BD Promotors, headed by Venerando Lamelas, and another Catalan company controlled by Grupo Preyco. The project, designed by the architectural firm Alonso Balaguer, now has a new Catalan ingredient: Hotusa Chain will manage the five-star hotel that integrates the macrocomplex.

This will be the first hotel chain to be headed in Colombia by Amancio López , arriving in Bogota with his Eurostars brand. The establishment will have 323 rooms and an area of ​​over 3,000 square metres for conventions and events. The hotel will have 16 meeting rooms, a spa area of ​​550 square metres, two gourmet restaurants and two lounge bars.

The opening of the Bacatá tower hotel in 2014 will mark the fourth Hotusa Latin American destination, which already has establishments in Argentina, Peru and Mexico. For the president of Hotusa, "Colombia is one of the leaders in the emerging Latin American market."

The president of BD Promotors, Venerando Lamelas, said yesterday that the award of the hotel management to a chain with Catalan capital was "intentional" in the same way as the project design was awarded in its day to the Catalan firm Alonso Balaguer.

The BD Bacatá tower project has a projected budget of $200 million (151 million euros). The complex will have two towers and a total construction of 114,000 square metres. The hotel will be located in the tallest tower, with a total of 66 floors, and will occupy forty floors. The building will comprise 396 apartments, 117 offices, over 700 parking spaces, a shopping mall with 30 retail spaces and the hotel.

According to Lamelas, some of the apartments and mall have already been sold. The hotel property will be divided between the developer of the complex and fiduciary rights owners. Hotusa has signed a management contract.

The Hotusa Group's hotel division consists of 114 establishments in fifteen countries in Europe and Latin America. Besides, it has 2,500 associated hotels in 49 countries on four continents. The group also integrates the hotel representative Keytel, the technology company IGM Web and the management portal and online booking system

Hotusa had a turnover of 765 million euros in 2011, up 12.6% from the previous year. Of these, 249 million came from its hotel management division.

Alonso Balaguer, who has opened a temporary office in Bogota, where he directs the works from, plans to open a permanent office in Bogota. According to Luis Alonso, "it may be located in Bacatá tower itself, as it is becoming an icon for the city."


Source: Expansión


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