In 2012, the Catalan construction company Teyco will take a new step in its internationalization. Following its introduction in Chile and Panama, it now aims to open markets in Colombia and Peru and will start working in Algeria and Angola.

The company has 310 employees and its growth is overseas. "Now we are focusing on Colombia and Peru, where governments are developing master plans to provide small hospitals for the population" explains Sumarroca. Each country will soon tender a hundred health centres whose characteristics conform to the construction company’s business model. Each tender will be worth 8 million euros.

Development in Peru and Colombia is organized from the company’s offices in Panama and Chile. In the former, it has built two hospitals and plans to build two more; in the latter, two centres have been finished, built ​​after the earthquake that struck the area in 2010.

All clinics are built using the TAS system: the facility is built in Spain and transported by ship piece by piece to its destination. The other target continent for Teyco is Africa. The most advanced project is the rehabilitation of facilities that will be performed along with 15 other Catalan companies in Algeria.

In Angola it intends to win one of 23 primary care centres to be tendered by local government. It also expects to build up to 80 petrol stations (all the work except the tanks and pumps) for oil companies. "In Angola we have no budget, but we have set it as a goal," says Sumarroca. The jump to the former Portuguese colony is a result of the relationship the company has with Catalan firms operating in the country and the support of Portuguese banks.

Source: Expansión


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