The Board of the Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) has completed its organizational chart with the recent election of the last deputy directors of energy.

Chaired by José María Marín Quemada, the CNMC will have Tomás Suarez-Inclán as the secretary of the Board, together with Miguel Sanchez Blanco as deputy secretary and Beatriz de Armas as secretary general.

By area, Eduardo Prieto Kessler (Competition), Alejandra de Iturriaga y Gandini (Telecommunications and Audiovisual), Fernando Hernández Jiménez-Casquet (Energy), Ángel Chamorro Pérez (Transport and Postal Sector), Antonio Maudes (Promotion of Competition) and Joaquim Hortalá Vallvé (Legal Counsel) have been appointed as directors.

In the field of Transport and Postal Sector, the deputy directors are Paloma Gilmartín (Airport Rates), Maria Ruiz Sobrino (Railway Sector), Yara Suarez Barrientos (Postal Sector) and María Elena Muñoz Gomis (Market Analysis).

The CNMC is the new regulatory body which, since October, has taken over the functions of the National Energy Commission (CNE), the Telecommunications Market Commission (CMT), the National Competition Commission (CNC) and the National Postal Commission (CNSP) and the National Council of Audiovisual Media (CEMA), the Commission for Economic Regulation of Airport Services, the National Gaming Commission and the Railway Regulatory Committee (FRC) .

Source: Servimedia

Posted by; 2013-11-28

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