• Vueling increased its market share at the airport by 1.9 points. Vueling (+1.5M passengers), Ryanair (+0.5M passengers) and Norwegian Air Shuttle (+220,000 passengers) lead the growth in passengers numbers at the airport. The Lufthansa group through Germanwings (+175,000 passengers).

  • Iberia consolidated its position as another European flagship company at the airport, with traffic that did not differ significantly from British Airways, Air France or Lufthansa. Its market share is likely to be even more reduced when the Air Shuttle between Barcelona and Madrid is redesigned.

  • There was a general rise in passenger numbers in all markets (including Spain), especially the 4 main non domestic markets, and the markets of Belgium, Portugal and Turkey. The battle between Vueling and Ryanair for the markets of Rome and Brussels is bringing about peak passenger numbers to these destinations. The Russian Federation suffered with the depreciation of the rouble. Growth in Turkey was marked both by direct traffic and by the growing role of Istanbul in attracting connecting traffic in Barcelona (Barcelona is a great feeder of European hubs since it still lacks a wide range of intercontinental flights). Turkish Airlines increased its capacity in this market with a widebody.

Source: GPA,SAU using AENA data/ 2015-04

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