Air freight is recovering slightly, but still needs the passenger demand. 

"The cargo that was coming into Barcelona was, practically, medical equipment and the one leaving Barcelona was material and food," explains Javier Alija, Head of Network Etihad Airways' planning. In fact, he continues, "now the economic activity in Spain has recovered and we are beginning to see demand bringing a lot of material for the Inditex group from places like  India or Bangladesh, a demand that is a little more like demand from before the crisis".

In this line, Daniel Alfaro, Cargo Sales Manager Spain & Portugal of Qatar Airways, agrees with Javier Alija in affirming the importance that the food and pharmaceutical industry has had. In addition, "we have the luck that in Spain there is a very diversified product" and "diversifying the product so much has made us our planes are full," says Daniel Alfaro. "We are shipping live animals, a product that is being developed a lot from Spain," explains Alfaro, who adds to the good operation of this type of merchandise. J. Alija: "Now the economic activity in Spain has recovered and we start to see demand by bringing a lot of material for the Inditex group from places like India or Bangladesh, a demand that resembles a little more the demand before the crisis"

Domestic air cargo Javier Enebral, Aviation Consultant at GPA explains that, in the month of May 2020, Vitoria airport overtook the airport of Zaragoza in air cargo. "Vitoria is the main DHL hub for distribution in the Iberian Peninsula, i.e. transport goods urgent. Compared to April this year, Vitoria has dropped less than the airports in Madrid, Barcelona, and Zaragoza," says  Javier.  Even though the load level is close to the big numbers of these three airports, the figures for the cumulative year from Vitoria airport "is only 8.5%", he adds. "Air cargo is still very important, but it still needs to be reinforced by the demand of passengers," says Javier Alija. In this regard, it should be noted that there are still countries with restrictions on passenger transport, "which limits our cargo offer.

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