Russian airline will begin the end of May charter flights on new international routes from the airport Rostov-on-Don (included in the holding "Airports of Regions"). May 26, Rostov will benefit from the new direct charter flights to Tunisia (Djerba), Bulgaria (Bourgas), and the Greek island of Rhodes.

Airline AZUR air is significantly expanding its international flights in resort destinations from Rostov airport. The first flight in the airport of the Tunisian island of Djerba airline will perform May 26 flight to the popular Black Sea resort city of Burgas (Bulgaria) is scheduled for May 27, and the first tourists to Rhodes Plane takes on the last day of spring - May 31st. All flights will be operated on comfortable shipsthe Boeing 757-200, designed to carry 238 passengers.

Flight aircraft the Boing 757-200 airline AZUR air from Rostov airport

From May 27 on the island of Djerba (Tunisia) tourists will begin to deliver another carrier - Russian airline "Icarus" (under the brand name - Pegas the Fly ). The flights will be operated by Boeing 737-800 aircraft with a capacity of 189 passengers. The same day, the frequency of flights to the island of Cyprus will be increased from Rostov Airport. In addition to airline Nordwind ( "North Wind"), flights to Larnaca will start operating another Russian carrier - "VIM-Avia" liners the Airbus A-319, designed to carry up to 157 tourists.

- Since the end of 2014 the Russian aviation industry, including the Rostov airport, note the decrease in passenger volume on international flights due to objective reasons (cancellation of flights to Egypt and Turkey, exchange rate fluctuations, the stagnation in the economy), - the executive director of JSC "Airport Rostov-on- Don "Oleg Tsepilov. - Therefore, we appreciate the cooperation with Russian and foreign airlines, which are successfully implemented in the Don region, a program of international travel and try to meet the wishes of many carriers - both in the allocation of slots and ground-handling time.

In addition, we note that from Wednesday, 25 May, AZUR air started flights from Don aviagavani in Barcelona, ​​Spain on a regular basis (before flying to Spain carried out a charter). In Catalonia, the capital will be carried out flights twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

With the introduction of regular flights Rostov can plan a vacation in one of the most beautiful cities in Spain to suit individual interests and abilities. Travelers will appreciate the poster for entertainment and sporting events, which is full of life "of the Basque country."Attractive for tourists is also the potential for the transfer of Barcelona International Airport - El Prat, which is connected by direct flights from many cities in the world. Questions about purchasing tickets for the flight must be addressed to the airline the Azur the Air .

Detailed flight schedule can be specified in a special section on the official website of the Rostov airport


Source: / 2016-05-26

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