Barcelona is Tokyo’s top unserved route with almost 212,000 point-to-point passengers in 2019.  This is based on booking data via OAG Traffic Analyser and by MIDT O&D 2019: Japan 355,964 pax / NRT+HND 241,510 pax.

Barcelona is one of the cities with one of the highest stimulation factors in the world. We have already had success stories that have experienced in the first 3 years an increase between 14% and 72%. On this route, it meets all the necessary conditions to be stimulated even more.

This is a very distant route but with high demand.  Other routes with a much lower demand have been operating for years in other European cities. The links and commercial relations of Japan with Barcelona are also a very important factor to know that it would be a route to success. The percentage of business is 11% on the route to Tokyo, making the route less risky. 

The Barcelona Air Route Development Committee (BARDC) was established in 2005 to promote the development of new intercontinental routes from Barcelona Airport. Since then we have been following and analyzing all those routes with high demand and that there was no direct route. Among the routes that, in both directions, are not being covered even though the demand is so high, the winner for both cities is Tokyo v.v. Barcelona.

From the Barcelona Air Route Development Committee (BARDC),  we invite you to visit our website where you can appreciate the potential of the routes in Asia not covered with a route or not covered to the needs that the demand shows: