Last October 3, the Barcelona Air Freight Community made an speech at the 2nd AirPharma Conference in Barcelona, at Crowne Plaza Barcelona Hotel.

The conference highlights were:

Supply chain excellence is achieved as a result of applying fundamental principles that address customer’s needs. Understanding them, anticipating them, and adding value to transport and delivery is the key to improve and to strengthen the quality services offered by the industry whilst increasing visibility and awareness.

The meeting was essential to learn about effective temperature controlled chain management discovering innovative solutions to mitigate risk throughout the supply chain. To find out about emerging issues for the industry and enhance communication among the supply chain stakeholders.

The Conference was focused on sharing experiences, knowledge and adding value for Executives, Operational Managers, Quality and Compliance Specialists, Experts from  across the air cargo supply chain including Airports, Airlines, Freight Forwarders, Ground Handlers, Shippers, Regulators and International Organizations.