• Historical ties make the route more than just a tourist or business route.
  • Tel Aviv is one of the best direct served destinations  but there is still more indirect demand
  • Three additional connections per week.


Barcelona, ​​October 28, 2019 - The Barcelona Air Route Development Committee (BARDC)  with great pleasure announces this new connection between Barcelona and Tel Aviv.


Blue Bird Airways operates with a Boeing 737 - 300 aircraft,  148 seats, three times a week (Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday).




BZ252  TLV   14:30   BCN  18:15


BZ251  BCN  10:10   TLV    00:55+1



The Catalan capital has become the tenth destination of the company in Europe and the first in Spain. Blue Bird Airways is the fifth airline serving Tel Aviv - Barcelona  and vice versa.


Barcelona-Tel Aviv (TLV) is an additional international connection that will operate from today at J T Barcelona-El Prat Airport. The destination is one of best served from Barcelona but there is still a lot of demand. Last year, the demand for the route between Barcelona and Tel Aviv (and vice versa) had more than 455,000 passengers (O&D MIDT 2018 direct & indirect), although there are still over 62,000 passengers currently traveling indirectly.


About Bluebird Airways

It is a company committed to providing services under strict European standards and doing their best for the passenger. Blue bird airways was founded with safety in mind and customer service at heart. It offers customers a tangible and flexible business model to provide them with the best prices for its European standard aviation services.


Strong international trade ties with Catalonia

Around 1916, there was a Jewish community living in Catalonia; they founded the first Jewish community in the city since the Catholic Monarchs. They were mainly Sephardic people who came from the Turkish Empire, and because of the influence of French tradition, and since the term Jewish had very negative connotations, they used Israel as a synonym. Jewish Catalans date back over 100 years with their own community organization, and links remain strong.


Source:  BARDC Secretariat / OCT 2019

Barcelona Air Route Development Committee