The biggest festival in Barcelona, ​​Mercè, which takes place from 22 to 25 September, will this year have its poster made by the designer Javier Mariscal and the proclamation of the philosopher Marina Garcés, in an annual event in which spaces will continue to be extended to involve neighbourhoods, with activities in the park of Sant Martí and the Centre of Nou Barris.

The poster shows an ordinary girl from a Barcelona neighbourhood, a Mercè, with icons and drawings that represent the defence of sustainability and a reminder of the Olympic Games on its 25th anniversary, with Cobi holding a mobile, explained Mariscal on Monday at a press conference with the mayor, Ada Colau, and the mayor of the invited city, Reykjavik, Dagur B. Eggertsson.

The Mercè poster shows Merche, a "neighbourhood girl, very beautiful and very happy to be from Barcelona", explained Mariscal, who is now the first author of two posters of the biggest festival in Barcelona, after first doing so in 1987.

The designer emphasized the work of graphic communication that there is in the poster and explained the meaning of its many details, such as that his Merche is wearing glasses that are solar panels to represent the future, or the fact that she is surrounded by cars "that kill much more than tobacco does".

Colau stressed that Mariscal does not require any "introductions" and has a relationship as a professional and neighbour to the city and international projection whereby he deserves "recognition" and the 25th anniversary of the Olympic Games in Barcelona seems "a good time" for that.

Mariscal says the poster represents Merche, a "girl from the neighbourhood, very beautiful and very happy to be from Barcelona".


Source: La Vanguardia/ July 2017 

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