The volume of passengers between Barcelona and the United States has been doubled in the 2014-2018 period, from 1 million passengers to 2 million. Currently the North American country is ranked fifth in countries origin/destination Barcelona with 21% year-on-year growth.


The growth of the intercontinental segment stands out with an increase of 800,000 passengers per year, reaching 16% of the total passenger volume.

In this summer season 2019 the T2 will have a higher growth (4.2%) compared to the T1 (2.4%) in seats offer compared to the previous summer season.

IATA forecasts that the number of passengers will double in the next 20 years. Growth remains stable, but under the long-term 5% expected. In seasonally adjusted terms, the passenger volume of the last few months confirms the slowdown. The cost of fuel has increased by 20% with respect to 2017 (it has doubled since 2005), and fuel costs will represent 25% of the operating costs of the airlines in 2019. • Barcelona airport continues with passenger volume in the european seventh position during the year 2018. It should be noted that Barcelona airport is in the second place regarding origin and destination traffic, behind London Heathrow. This data shows the margin of growth that Barcelona airport has in connection passengers compared to its European competitors with more long-haul flights, which enlarge these connecting passengers. • Barcelona remains in the fifth position as a city in number of passengers In the annual volume until March 2019 Barcelona is in fifth position just before Mila


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Source: Chamber of Commerce of BCN- GPA /July 2019

Barcelona Air Route Development Committee

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